Terms and Conditions for Bristol Sparky

We pride ourselves on being professional and conscientious in our work.

Our T&Cs outline in legal terms how we achieve that and the limit of our responsibilities etc.

Below are the terms and conditions laid out by Chew Property Services trading as Bristol Sparky from here known as the company and the client.

1. Installation Work:

1b. Testing

During periodic inspections and testing unless otherwise agreed certain limitations may apply such as:

2. Exclusions:

3. Extras and Variations:

4. Pricing:

5. Cooling Off Period

When making contracts with tradespeople it's normal for the agreement or contract to be made in your own home.

Because of the location where the contract is agreed, a special Consumer Contract Regulation applies, and you are entitled to a 'cooling off period' before being legally committed to go ahead with the work.

The legal 'cooling off' time period is currently 14 days. If for any reason you wish for us to start work within those 14 days you will be asked to digitally sign a statement to the effect of:

"I am aware that I can cancel up to 14 days after the day the goods are delivered (the 'cooling off period').  I give permission for the installation to start during the cooling off period.  I am aware that if I cancel I will have to pay your reasonable costs for any work carried out or goods installed before I cancelled."

6. Deviations from Building Regulations and BS7671:

7. Risk and Title of Goods and Property:

8. Warrantee:

9. Quotations and Payment:

10. Dispute Resolution:

See our not happy with our work and how to complain page.