Yorkshire Grit

Yorkshire Grit (YG) is your liquid sandpaper. Use after your initial dry sanding and before applying your final finish. Can take you from 320 to 1000 or above.

Yorkshire grit is an abrasive paste formulated to give a fine keyed surface to your turnings, prior to applying your finish of choice. It consists of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including mineral oil, beeswax and ultra fine grinding powders. These are then carefully blended (without the use of solvents or other strong smelling and potentially harmful chemicals) to produce a creamy abrasive paste.

  • Yorkshire Grit Original Yandles £9.90
  • Yorkshire Grit Micro-fine Yandles £9.90
  • Having prepared piece to 240 grit YG Original should give a 1000 grit comparable finish.
  • YG Micro-fine gives at least 2000 Grit (Ideal for Resins/Acrylics) from at least a 600 grit.
  • Finish after with either wax or oil-based finish


  1. Whilst still attached to your lathe, sand your piece to 240-320 grit (or 600 if going direct to micro-fine) or until it’s free of tooling marks. YG will not remove tooling marks.
  2. Mike Waldt said something about Sanding Sealer but whether that was a yes or no – need to check.
  3. Apply the paste in a circular motion with a paper towel.
  4. Then switch on your lathe and work along your piece with the paper towel. You can hear and feel the paste cutting.
  5. Continue working until the paste has broken down, with no residue on the surface.

The abrasive powders in the Grit break down as they are being used, resulting in finer particles and a smoother finish, it will be like using 600 or 800 grit sanding cloth.

The work should be dry by the time you have finished the process and then it’s time to apply your wax/polish finish.

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